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Point Of View VR porn

Point Of View VR porn Virtual reality porn makes extensive use of the point of view (POV). POV uses the point of view from the viewer. Women especially seem to like this! Compared to regular porn, they now feel more intimacy! In addition, point of view is also widely used

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chathouse 3d

Playing Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D, or Chathouse 3D Roulette is an advanced MMORPG (massively multiplayer online virtual sex game). It is a free game, but you certainly won’t notice that when you play

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Virtual Reality, A Guide to Socializing Online

The world has become a virtual playground for social networking and online interaction. Web sites where individuals can meet and chat with others who share their same interests have sprouted up rapidly and have grown into a very popular sector of the Internet.

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Best VR Porn Sites

What's the perfect VR headset for you?

Too many VR headsets to make a choice? New headsets are launched every few months it seems. Which is a good thing. But it also makes it hard to pick the right one for you!
We’re here to help you out! Read our reviews and info to find out what is right for you!

How to watch


Virtual Reality Porn Games

A very popular part of the VR porn scene are the virtual reality games! And for a good reason! Playing VR porn games is truly an awesome experience. Let us guide you through VR games world!

chathouse 3d

Playing Chathouse 3D

Chathouse 3D, or Chathouse 3D Roulette is an advanced MMORPG (massively multiplayer online virtual sex game). It is a free game, but you certainly won’t notice that when you play

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Bonjour! I am the VR Porn Baron and I’m here to guide you through the jungle that is the virtual reality porn industry! Buckle up because it’s going to be one hell of a ride!  But don’t worry, it’s nothing to be afraid of. It’s just a lot of information and quite some technical stuff. Although quite some years old by now, VR in general and VR porn specifcally are still right at the start and have a great journey coming. Still, lots has changed over the past few years. Many new VR headsets have arrived and the VR sex games and VR porn videos have gotten amazingly good. But it still can be quite hard to know what you’re actually looking for. It’s a good thing that many companies like HTC, Oculus, Playstation bring out new headsets but it makes choosing one more difficult than ever.

And what about VR porn videos? That’s why you are here right? Virtual reality porn is honestly the best thing the internet has to offer since years. If you are still new to this amazing technology then you won’t believe your eyes once you see your first virtual sex movie on a nice VR headset. It’s almost like real life! The companies who produce these movies are constantly upping their game. The quality the bring out gets better every month.
And now with the latest generation of VR headsets you will see some crazy high resolution VR porn content popping up all over the place. We’re talking resolutions up to 8K!
With resolutions that high it’s just crazy to see your favorite VR pornstar directly in front of your eyes. The only thing better is real life sex. Or maybe not, as most of us won’t get to bang girls this hot in real life haha!

But wait, there is more than just movies. What about VR sex games? VR sex games, like the VR porn movies, are getting better by the day.Many independent creators are working right now on all kinds of VR sex games. Some not so good, some are just crazy hot! And don’t forget VR sex toys! The newest generation of these VR sex toys are just so much fun! They can, for example, work together with the movie you’re watching. So instead of the old and boring fleshlight, you’ll instead use one that moves together with the mouth of the VR pornstar in front of your eyes. Crazy eh?

But again, it’s quite the jungle out there and you have to know what you’re looking. And where you’re going to look for it.And that’s exactly why we created the VR Porn Baron site! It started out as a little project to map out some VR sites but we figured that we might as well go for it and create a huge site where post as much info about the adult virtual reality world as possible!
But it won’t be just about porn. General info about popular new headsets like the Oculus Quest 2 will be provided and basically anything else that is important in the VR world will be displayed here!
The site is constantly updated and will grow to something huge! It will be your recommended daily visit if you want to learn what is happening in virtual reality! So keep checking back as we add more and more info!

Any questions or suggestions, contact us! We love getting feedback!